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The general terms and conditions of Onlinecambabes

General terms and conditions apply to the visit and use of this website and other services offered by us. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before visiting the website and/or using our services. If there are 1 or more points in our general terms and conditions that you do not agree with, or if you experience difficulties reading these general terms and conditions, stop visiting this website immediately. This or any future visit to this website and/or the use of our services implies that you accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation. These general terms and conditions are also available in the English language. Where the translated general terms and conditions deviate from the Dutch, the Dutch-language general terms and conditions prevail.

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 Antalus; with its registered office and principal place of business at Fazantenhof 103, 4332XT Middelburg, registered in the Trade Register under file number 20147844, VAT identification number NL001116645B50, further to be considered operator, owner and manager of this, also to be referred to below as Onlinecambabes.

1.2 Hyperlink: Links that are primarily intended for presentation to a human user

1.3 Website: A medium for the presentation of information via the Internet.

1.4 User: The human/ person who visits this website and/or uses the services or products provided by Onlinecambabes.

1.5 Member database: That part of the website that the user can visit against payment and possibly by logging in . This part is protected from public visits and is only intended for paying users or users specifically designated by Onlinecambabes.

1.6 Performer: A human user who, possibly controlled by the user, performs actions for the camera and via for example, a computer and an internet connection display these images via the website.

1.7 Content: The actual content of a website, this content includes, but is not limited to, films, photos, texts and performer images.

1.8 Logging: The digital storage of data of events or events that have taken place on the website or Member database(s).

Article 2: Scope and nature of conditions

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply between Onlinecambabes and the User.

2.2 These general terms and conditions apply to the use of a website or service of Onlinecambabes

2.3 Order of Validity: These terms and conditions. In addition, the law or European regulations apply insofar as they have not yet been incorporated into local law.

2.4 Where parts of these terms and conditions may be void or voidable, the other parts will remain in force and the relevant part will otherwise become null and void. converted into a valid part that comes as close as possible to the original intention.

Article 3: Content and use of the website

3.1 This website aims to support the use and payment for the services offered by through this website.

3.2 Use of the website and services offered through the website is open to any person who has reached the minimum age of 18 years. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, object to the content of this website and/or the user of the website or services offered is located in a geographical area where access to the website or use of the services offered is prohibited then immediately stop visiting this website.

Article 4: Liability

4.1 Onlinecambabes makes every effort to make the website available in an uninterrupted manner and to to secure all reasonable means.

4.2 User can in no way hold Onlinecambabes liable for hindrance due to work, problems, interventions, changes or bany limitation of functionality or other issues that affect the availability of the website or other services Onlinecambabes

Article 5: Content

5.1 Onlinecambabes is fully responsible for all content published on the website except the performer images.

5.2 the performer is independent and uses the website to deliver services to users of the website. The performer determine for themselves from which it supplies services exist, provided that the services are not in conflict with Dutch legislation and provide the legislation in the country from which the performer services. If the services are contrary to the laws of the geographical area where the user is located, the user needs the services directly to tear down.

5.3 Onlinecambabes is not responsible for actions performed by performers which are contrary to the law. Onlinecambabes did not have the means to permanently check the content of the services provided by the performer. Suspected of breaking the law by a performer will be user Onlinecambabes bring immediately informed. Onlinecambabes then will all inside make efforts reclining its ability to prevent repetition and, if necessary on expressions to remove the website.

5.4 Onlinecambabes used include third-party websites, or not fee, to direct visitors to its website. These third parties who are responsible for placing these hyperlinks are solely responsible for the content of the website and how this third user through hypertext links to the website sends

Article 6: Privacy, personal and monitoring of use

6.1 Onlinecambabes pays the greatest attention to the protection of personal data of users of this website. For information please refer to the privacy statement.

6.2 During the visit to the website and / or use of the services will be logged information from the user. This information is required for the proper functioning of the website and optimizing / improving the website or other services Onlinecambabes. This information can also be used for debugging and / or violation of these terms, legislation or other matters Onlinecambabes deems necessary.

6.3 Onlinecambabes takes great care to protect this information and this information will never be shared with third parties.

6.4 in case of violation of the provisions of these terms and conditions, actions which are contrary to the law and / or fraud, the account with immediate effect and without warning blocked, and membership terminated immediately. Here the balance is purchased immediately and irrevocably deleted. The costs involved will be recovered by detecting the abuse or fraud on the user. This allows the right of Onlinecambabes for all damages and any judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred user to affect stories

Article 7: Handling complaints

7.1 All complaints regarding use of the website, quality or any other complaint, will by Onlinecambabes seriously be considered.

7.2 The user must submit a written complaint by email at Onlinecambabes submit to. The user should email us at

7.3 Onlinecambabes shall within 14 days the complaint to try to resolve. Onlinecambabes will inform the customer in writing via e-mail messages

Article 8: Intellectual Property

8.1 All intellectual property rights and all similar rights to any services offered on the website , products and information held by Onlinecambabes or its licensors.

8.2 Nothing v an this website without written permission from Onlinecambabes be reproduced. The intellectual property rights in all text, images, sounds and software on this website belong to Onlinecambabes or its licensors.

8.3 Where performers texts, images, sounds and / or software to Onlinecambabes send or on the website post, users wear all intellectual property rights over to Onlinecambabes and protect Onlinecambabes therefore by third parties. Onlinecambabes is therefore, inter alia, entitled these contributions commercially exploitable.

8.4 If Onlinecambabes be placed on the amount of (allegedly) infringing material or (allegedly) infringing on the left of the site than does [SITE_NAME ] the right, but not the obligation, immediately remove content or links

Article 9: Changes in price and terms

9.1 Onlinecambabes is entitled to the services and prices change and thus the provisions of these terms and conditions to adapt, update or completely to be published on its website at any time. It is your responsibility to regularly check these terms and conditions. Your continued use of the site after the effective date of the changes, you agree to these changes (and) to agree and accept this.

9.2 Onlinecambabes disclaims all liability for any adverse consequences that may result from changes made to the content of the website or the terms

Article 10 Dutch law and disputes

10.1 the use of this website these terms and conditions apply.

10.2 these terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.

10.3 Any dispute shall be subject to the discretion of the competent Dutch court.